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Dachstein Destillerie

Mountain pine oil and schnapps distillery Mandlberggut

Mountain-pine oil distillery

Throughout the many years that the Warter family has been running the mountain-pine oil distillery the products have improved and the selection has continued to grow. The mountain-pine is a species of conifer and is chiefly found in the Alps, where the small robust plant thrives in extreme conditions. The plant is protected and special authorisation is needed to harvest its oil.

Dachstein distillery

Years ago family Warter also added exclusive spirits to their range of products. They started off with simple distillation equipment (rough and fine distilling method), but since 2008 they have been using the most up-to-date distillers. This modern technology enables them to produce excellent spirits of high quality in a single stage. They generally use fruits from the region, including wild raspberries, blueberries, rowan berries, but also the cones from the mountain pine or the Swiss pine.

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