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At the bottom of the Königslehenbahn cable car

Ski schools & rental shops

Those wishing to learn the right skiing and snowboarding techniques are in good hands at the ski schools in Radstadt. Excellently-qualified pro trainers ensure you do everything correctly – and have fun learning - in lessons tailored to every skill level and age group. The courses for children aged 3 and upwards with special children’s supervision are particularly popular. Schischule Radstadt also offers skiing instruction for handicapped skiers. Both of the ski schools are located by the practice lift near the entrance to the Königslehenbahn cable car at the bottom of the slope, so they’re ideal for skiers looking to walk straight into the Radstadt-Altenmarkt skiing area. The hire shops in Radstadt offer the latest skis, snowboards and winter sports equipment from all the major winter sports manufacturers. This way you save space and travel with less baggage.

Schischule Radstadt

Unterbergstraße 13

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 6452 20757 oder +43 664 3119362


Skischule greenorange

Unterbergstraße 2

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel.  +43 6452 7382 oder +43 664 3703871


Skis, Snowboards & other Equipment

Ski rental shops in Radstadt


Unterbergstraße 13

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 6452 20743



Forstauerstraße 2a

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 6452 5448


Sport Pichler

Unterbergstraße 2

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 6452 6680