Current information about Coronavirus


Page updated: 06th of March 2020, 05.00 pm


Dear guest,
on this page we would like to inform you about the current situation in Radstadt. On Thursday evening (12.03.2020) the SalzburgerLand took further measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19-Virus).

As good hosts, we have a special responsibility to our guests and, of course, to the population: As much as we would like to welcome you here - your and our health is our top priority.


All ski areas and all accommodation facilities in Salzburg have to close.
The cable cars in our ski areas will have their last day of operation on Sunday, 15th March 2020. One day later, on Monday, 16th March 2020, all accommodation facilities in the province of Salzburg will also be officially closed.

All ski areas in Salzburg and Styria have to close on Sunday, 15th March 2020.


The ordinance stipulates that accommodation establishments must be closed in accordance with the trade ordinance (Section 111 (1) 1 GewO). This includes all those companies that are covered by the trade regulations. This does not include domestic employment (with up to ten beds) and the non-commercial rental and provision of accommodation without any additional service (no meal, no service, etc.). Spa and medical institutions are also not affected by the closure.
Companies affected by the closure have the option of obtaining a special permit from their responsible district administrative authority (district administration), provided the closure is a disproportionate measure. The exceptions must be justified accordingly. One option is to accommodate workers who cannot leave due to reasons of employment law.


For the time being, the operating ban applies until mid of May. Then you have to keep looking. It is only realistic to withdraw this regulation if there is a relaxation in the current situation.

Our office is temporarily only available by phone or email from 08.00 am till 06.00 pm.

Our catering establishments are open till 03.00 pm today. Tomorrow, March 17th, all catering establishments have to close.


Basic supplies such as grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices and petrol stations are open with conditions.


Small shops & garden- and hardware stores will open on April 14th.


Some capacity restrictions are possible to comply with government regulations

The thermal spa and waterworld Amadé in Altenmarkt is temporarily closed!

The Austrian federal government announced a general ban on assembly on Sunday, March 15. In no place should more than five people meet at the same time (with the exception of activities that combat the corona virus).

Events aren´t allowed till ent of June.


The Austrian federal government announced a general ban on assembly on Sunday, March 15. In no place should more than five people meet at the same time (with the exception of activities that combat the corona virus). This means that all events are prohibited. The previous regulation of the past few days, which had already severely restricted events (events with more than 100 people in public spaces or open-air events with more than 500 participants) are no longer valid.

All accommodations in Salzburg will be closed on Monday, 16th March 2020. More information will follow shortly!

We are still waiting for the official announcement of the authorities and organizations regarding the procedure with cancellations. We ask for your patience!

If you have a travel cancellation insurance, please contact it directly.

More questions and answers about tourism in SalzburgerLand here.
The official website of the Salzburg state government on the subject of coronavirus here.

All information has been compiled with the greatest possible care, but all information on this page is without guarantee! Thank you for your understanding and your assistance. It's about the health of all of us.


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