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Tourismusverband Radstadt KöR (Radstadt Tourism)

Schernbergstraße 8

A-5550 Radstadt

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Legal venue: Sankt Johann im Pongau

VAT ID no. ATU44833301

DUNS no.: 301270943

Concept, web design & technical implementation

IMPULS Werbeagentur OG

Stadtplatz 11

A-5550 Radstadt

This website was created by IMPULS - a full-service advertising agengy from Radstadt in the Pongau region of Salzburg. The agency is passionate about creating and implementing effective online-showcases for businesses in tourism, the restaurant industry, commerce & skilled trades & crafts. IMPULS also provides clients with print solutions such as stationery requirements, classified ads, catalogues, brochures and fly-posters. In addition, the Pongau advertising agency offers expertise in the fields of search engine optimisation, web shops, social marketing, corporate design and outdoor media. Take a look at their customer references in the areas of online solutions, print solutions and logos, and see the excellent quality they guarantee.

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