Best-price Guarantee, Hotel contract conditions, travel insurance & package travel guidelines

Booking information

cancellation conditions

The cancellation conditions are valid for all online bookings:


  • Free cancellation up to 30 days before arrival
  • 30% cancellation 29 to 7 days before arrival
  • 70% cancellation from 6 days before arrival
  • 90% cancellation in case of no-show
  • 30% deposit


or cancellation conditions stated in the booking.


Contractual conditions for Hotels

Please feel free to book your preferred accommodation here online - or contact the accommodation provider directly. At the tourist office we are here to deal with your questions and to ensure you take advantage of all the right activities, opportunities and benefits for your holiday!


If you choose and book your place of accommodation yourself, your transaction shall be subject to the terms and conditions for agents, and the terms and conditions applied by the Austrian hotel industry (AGBH 2006), and to the following cancellation conditions applied by the agent: 

Down to 2 months before the agreed date of arrival of the guest, both parties (the guest and the provider of accommodation) shall be entitled to cancel the contract for accommodation unilaterally, without paying a cancellation fee. Any unilateral cancellations after this deadline can only be implemented subject to the following fees:


  • From 2 months down to 1 month before the day of arrival: 40% of the overall contract price
  • From 1 month down to 1 week before the day of arrival: 70% of the overall contract price
  • Within 1 week of the day of arrival: 90% of the overall contract price


If the accommodation provider states his/her own terms and conditions within the booking process, for business or cancellations, those conditions shall apply.

Best-price Guarantee

Our Best-Price Guarantee ensures that if you find a cheaper offer on the internet within 24 hours of submitting a booking on an online booking platform, you will be recompensed for the difference when you arrive at your accommodation. All participating businesses can be identified by the presence in writing of the words BEST-PRICE GUARANTEE or when you see the BEST PRICE logo.

European travel insurance

Play it safe - and make sure you have travel cancellation coverage. We recommend European travel insurance. You are, of course, entitled to insure yourself with the insurance company of your choice.