Radstadt – a paradise for cyclists

Cycling holiday & biking holiday in Radstadt

As soon as you get up, you can hardly wait to start pedaling and look forward to getting on your bike. You can already start your bike tour in the Salzburg mountains. Even at breakfast time you're already ready to jump on your bike. The route starts by taking you along the easy-going Ennsradweg cycle path - next to the roaring river and past juicy-green fields. There's a deep blue sky above as the sun rays warm the face and the backdrop of alpine summits boosts your motivation levels for the climb ahead. Metre for metre you rise into a world of magnificent alpine scenery. As the tarnmac surfaces are replaced by dirt tracks, the sat-nav on your bike shows the remaining time ticking down, heralding your imminent arrival at the mountain hut. Once you've arrived, there's nothing like a traditional chopping board lunch to accompany a wide-eyed gaze at the stunning surroundings. After you have strengthened yourself with a Brettljause at the hut, you still have time to enjoy the wonderful view of the Salzburg mountains. When you've topped up your energy supply there's all the fun of the thrilling descent ahead.


The bike and bicycle paradise in the Salzburg mountains is waiting for you with great adventures and even greater experiences:

  • Mountain bike trails for fun and action
  • Circular cycling routes alongside rivers for the whole family
  • Great bike tours in the mountains
  • Unique experiences on two wheels in Austria
  • Stop for a break in alpine pastures, cafes or restaurants
  • E-bike rental at Radstadt Tourismus & sports shops in Radstadt


That's just one of the almost countless possibilities for your bike holidays in Radstadt. Just one of hundreds! Radstadt is truly a delight for cyclists, with everything from laid-back e-bike tours to take-it-to-the-limit race stages. What's more, the town is one of the stations along the Stoneman Taurista Biketrail. You see; we put the wheel (Rad) in Radstadt!

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  • Off to the Salzkammergut

A bike holiday or cycling holiday in Salzburger Land offers wonderful holiday moments for the whole family. Starting with comfortable bike paths along the water, e-bike routes for all ages, to action-packed descents from the mountains, here in Radstadt you get everything your athlete's heart desires. Discover the region on two wheels with the whole family.


Get on your bike & hit the pedals: Bike holidays in the Salzburg mountains offers numerous experiences. From wonderful bike paths, different bike tours to the best cuisine in the mountains. Excursion destinations in the holiday region can be found on the bike map you get in the tourist office. So book a cycling holiday & enjoy your time in Austria.