Mountains of holiday fun

Hiking holiday Salzburg

Fragrant forests, morning dew on mountain pastures, birds chirping – you’re free, and you know it! The mountains offer a carefree sensation we often miss in the stress of everyday life. Leave your obligations in the valley below and discover a new world in the mountains – one that warms your heart and puts a smile on your face. Many guests tell us: “There are no words for this kind of beauty”, and all we can do is agree!


In and around Radstadt there are over 60 hikes, treks, rambles and tours, offering a diversity of alpine experiences – gentle, hilly and rocky. The ideal starting point for mountain hiking, long-distance hiking trails or any level of difficulty. Trek from hut to hut along the Salzburger Almenweg, marvel at the Rossbrand and the view of the summits – all the way over to the Großglockner, or enjoy the family hiking fun of ‘Alles Alm’. In Radstadt you walk back to happiness your own way!

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    Hiking & mountaineering
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    Hiking tours
  • Tourismusverband Radstadt/Lorenz Masser
    Rossbrand: the local mountain
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    Salzburger Almenweg Hiking
  • Alles Alm
    Alles Alm – Family hiking fun
  • Salzburg Summit Game

The region around Radstadt is pure relaxation and hiking fun. Hike on the "Trail of the Gentian" on the Salzburg Almenweg or the local mountain Rossbrand. Here you and your loved ones get a panorama of the extra class and the hiking holiday in Austria becomes an unforgettable experience. Even after you have left the hiking trails, a true paradise awaits you in the valley.


Hiking in Pongau, in the idyllic holiday town of Radstadt. An unforgettable alpine summer with enjoyment and panorama. A hiking holiday in Salzburger Land for the whole family or as a couple. Here you can already enjoy the fresh mountain air in the morning at the sunrise. We look forward to seeing you and welcome you to your hiking trip in Austria. So put on your hiking boots and off you go.