places to see and things to do for every guest

Great places to visit

Fun, action & relaxation await you and your family. Experience great sights and excursions with your loved ones all around Radstadt. Nature experiences, customs and culture are waiting for you. Explore the SalzburgerLand from the mountains the city or the spa.

Around Radstadt

Experience nature with great panoramic views, relaxation and the local wildlife. Explore the Salzburger Land during your holiday in Radstadt with exciting day trips.

Hausberg Rossbrand Tourismusverband Radstadt Lorenz Masser 1
Tourismusverband Radstadt/Lorenz Masser

Enjoy the impressive 360° panoramic view of almost 150 striking Alpine peaks - from the Dachstein to the Tennengebirge and Hagengebirge chains, round to the Großglockner and on to the Radstädter and Schladminger groups. No wonder the Rossbrand (1768 m) is considered one of the most scenic mountains in the eastern Alps. The summit can be reached from the town centre on foot, with your mountain-bike, by car or with the hikers' bus using the toll-free 'Panoramastraße'.

Ausflugsziel Erlebnis Therme Amade Nadja Jabli Photography 1
Erlebnis-Therme Amadé/Nadia Jabli
Amadé Spa & Water world

The spa and water world in the neighbouring town of Altenmarkt in Pongau offers 30,000 m2 of spa and water facilities - including very slightly salty warm water in the indoor and outdoor pools, a sports pool, theme saunas in the separate sauna landscape, a rocket-start single-loop slide (the only one in Austria) - and lots more too. Fun and relaxation for families, couples and pleasure-seekers are guaranteed!

Mandlberggut Shootingstar 1

Short guided tour - free with the Radstadt guest card (Salzburger Sportwelt Card).

The Mandlberggut is only producer in Austria to combine two distilleries: The Dachstein distillery (whisky and schnapps) and the mountain and arolla pine distillery. Our sommeliers for spirits, Bernhard Warter, and his daughters Theresa and Katharina, inform visitors about how theses liquid treasures are created in the course of a tour of the distillery. There's a chance to watch the specialists transform domestically-grown plants and fruits into sophisticated end-products. At the end there's a stop at the 'mandl:bergkaffee' bar and patio for a pleasant drink and sit-down. The tour schedules can be found on the website.

Wollwelt Steiner 1888 Steiner Gmbh Und Co Kg 1
Steiner Gmbh & Co KG
Wollwelt Steiner1888

Wollwelt Steiner1888 offers insights into the complexities of manufacturing premium-quality Loden fabrics and Steiner1888 blankets. The complicated production process really does provide a hands-on look at this craft - from the precious raw wool to the most finely carded fabrics; dotted with lots of background information, experience and a keen eye for detail. The adjacent Wollwelt store displays and sells sophisticated blankets, cushions and accessories. Visitors are then happy to move on to the café for relaxing, post-tour refreshment.

Wildpark Untertauern 1
Wildpark Untertauern
Wildpark Untertauern

Wildpark Untertauern is a great place to visit, whether you go fishing, feed the game animals, play beach volleyball, ride the kids' train, visit the petting zoo or swim in the lake. The rustic Wildparkstüberl is the perfect for delicious refreshments and food. It's an exciting trip destination for the whole family.

Family Fun in the mountains

Hiking with your family in the Salzburg mountains. From the alpine pasture, playgrounds to the adventure path and everything in between – experience it in your family holiday in Radstadt! Mountain experiences with water fun and great family outings are available to you in Radstadt.

Alles Alm Familienerlebnis Tourismusverband Radstadt Lorenz Masser 1
Tourismusverband Radstadt/Lorenz Masser
Hills, Fields, pastures & Gnadenalm

Halfway between Untertauern and Obertauern, far from the busy roads, there's lots of  family hiking fun with 'Alles Alm'. There's a round-trip hike that's perfect for kids. On the way there are 10 places to play and themed rest stops. One route branches off to the spectacular Johannes waterfall, and even leads trekkers behind the columns of water on the way past. The perfect family activity for a successful day together for young and old. Nothing stands in the way of a family outing on a summer holiday in Salzburger Land.

Zauchensee Weltcup Der Tiere Liftgesellschaft Zauchensee Christian Schartner 1
Liftgesellschaft Zauchensee/Christian Schartner
Gamskogel, Zauchensee

Zauchensee stages world cup skiing races during the winter, and in the summertime kids can hold their own world cup events on the slopes of the Gamskogel. The 'Champion Cup of Alpine Animals' adventure playground below the Gamskogel hut is ideal for kids to run around, pick up interesting facts about alpine animals - while their parents survey the mountain panorama in peace. The 'Champion Cup of Alpine Animals' can be reached easily via Gamskogelbahn I in Zauchensee.

Grafenberg Snow Space Salzburg Bergbahnen Ag Christian Schartner 1
Snow Space Salzburg AG/Christian Schartner
Grafenberg, Wagrain

Come up to Wagrainis Grafenberg, a great place to experience nature and the mountains in Wagrain. An easy way to 'hike' up here is with the Grafenbergbahn. The top station is located at 1700 metres above sea level and offers well-signposted routes for strolls and hikes. Enjoy the stunning alpine scenery and the gigantic adventure stations ahead. All of the stations connect up with routes suitable for children's push-chairs.

Geisterberg Alpendorf Bergbahnen Ag 1
Alpendorf Bergbahnen AG
Geisterberg, St. Johann-Alpendorf

When the snow has disappeared from the mountains - that's when the playful spirits awaken from their winter sleep in the hills above St. Johann in Salzburg. The Alpendorf cable car lift takes guests up to the 'Geisterberg' - the recreation and adventure park for the whole family. Join the spirits as you explore the 4 adventure worlds of the earth, air, fire and water spirits.

Floris Erlebnispfad Griessenkareck Flachau Tourismus Zooom Productions 1
Flachau Tourismus/Zooom Productions
Flori's adventure trail, Flachau

Flori's adventure trail on the slopes of Grießenkar in Flachau guarantee hiking, games and puzzle fun for mountaineers of all ages. The circuitous route is suitable for push-chairs and starts at the Starjet 1  mountain station, keeping kids entertained with puzzles, as well as activity stops such as the climbing wall, flying fox, and the forest slide.

Kitiwipf Tvb Eben Daniel Sobietzki 1
TVB Eben/Daniel Sobietzki
KITIWAPF kids' theme trail, Eben

Solve a fascinating puzzle as you progress along the KITIWAPF hiking trail for children, animals and explorersForest animals accompany you on your journey up to the Moosalm on a theme trail suitable for children's push-chairs  (1 of the routes is suitable for push-chairs) in Eben in Pongau .

The big 5 Highlights

These are the top 5 natural sights in Salzburg. Austria offers unique excursion destinations and experiences.

Dachstein Ch Buchegger Der Dachstein 1
Ch. Buchegger/Der Dachstein
Dachstein Mountain

The cable car ascent is an experience in itself: Passengers rise over 1000 in altitude, ascending right next to sheer rock faces. At the Dachstein Sky Walk at 2700 m above sea level there's a breath-taking panoramic view of hundreds of alpine peaks. The ice palace takes visitors to a mystical world of ice and snow, deep inside the glacier, accompanied by gentle background music and special lighting effects. On the glacier there's also Austria's highest suspension bridge: The "Steps into the Abyss".

Ausflugsziel Eisriesenwelt Werfen Eisriesenwelt Gesmbh 1
Eisriesenwelt Gesmbh
Eisriesenwelt Ice caves

The Eisriesenwelt in Werfen is is a stunning sight. At a total length of over 40 kilometres, this cave labyrinth is the largest ice cave in the world. Water and cold air has formed gigantic shapes on the ice over thousands of years. The tour takes visitors up and down 134 metres and around 1400 steps to witness a truly bizarre world of ice.

Ausflugsziel Salzwelten Hallein Bergauer 1
Salzwelten Hallein/Bergauer
Salzbergwerk Hallein

Salt was once referred to as 'white gold' . Indeed, the salt deposits formed millions of years ago in Dürrnberg mountain just outside Hallein were an immense source of wealth for the region. Around 2500 years ago the Celts mined this valuable alpine mineral. The impressive legacy they left behind can still be admired today. Visit the world's  oldest exhibition mine and discover what the life of a miner was like back then.

Ausflugsziel Liechtensteinklamm Atelier Walter Oczlon 1
Atelier Walter Oczlon
Liechtensteinklamm gorge

There's the thunderous roar of the waterfall, verdant moss-cloaked rocks, a mystical atmosphere and sun rays that conjure rainbows into the myriad water particles. But why not come and see the Liechtensteinklamm gorge in St. Johann in Salzburg for yourself? It's one of the longest and most magnificent gorges in the Alps.

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse Andreas Kolarik 1
Großglockner Hochalpenstraße/Andreas Kolarik
Grossglockner High alpine road

The Großglockner is Austria's highest mountain at 3.798 m, indeed it is one of the highest mountains in the Eastern Alps. The high alpine road is 48 km long and 36 bends, and offers a very special driving experience in very special surroundings: The ride takes passengers up to  2504 m above sea level and provides magnificent vistas of this alpine environment, fields in bloom, fragrant forestry, mighty rock faces and permafrost that begins at the foot of the Großglockner at Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. Your trip here combines perfectly with a visit to the Ferleiten Game and Recreation Park situated by the lower toll station of the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße on the Salzburg side of the range .

The city of Salzburg

The city of Salzburg is approx. 80 km from Radstadt and offers fantastic excursions and sights for your very special holiday in the Salzburg region.

Festung Hohensalzburg Salzburgerland Tourismus Eva Trifft 1
SalzburgerLand Tourismus/Eva trifft.
Fortress Hohensalzburg

Fortress Hohensalzburg is Salzburg's no.1 landmark, towering majestically over the city below. It is the largest completely preserved fortress in Central Europe and building work commenced in 1077. The views of the city are magnificent, as is the chance to view the the medieval stately chambers and the fortress museum. The castle can be easily reached in the funicular railway.

Schloss Hellbrunn Salzburgland Tourismus Eva Trifft 1
SalzburgerLand Tourismus/Eva trifft.
Schloss Hellbrunn palace

You'll be amazed how prince-bishop Markus Sittikus entertained his guests with mystical grottos, water-driven figures and hidden water jets 400 years ago. They can still be enjoyed to this day by visiting the world-famous Hellbrunn water games. Hellbrunn palace was built in the manneristic style with a spacious and verdant park that's great for a stroll, a picnic or a sit-down.

Ausflugsziel Zoo Salzburg Thomas Wimmer 1
Zoo Salzburg/Thomas Wimmer
Salzburg zoo

A visit to Salzburg Zoo can easily take a day if you want to get the most out of it. Around 1200 animals (140 species) live in this large and very nature-like, 14,000 m2 open air area. There's lots to see - and discover: Lions, jaguars, rhinos, boa constrictors, waterbucks, flamingos,...  and the petting zoo is very popular with our youngest visitors.

Ausflugsziel Haus Der Natur 1
Haus der Natur
Haus der Natur natural history museum

In the heart of Salzburg this very popular museum puts on eye-catching displays of the many facets of nature. There are theme worlds that highlight underwater life, space, dinosaurs, the human body - and even reptiles and crystals - all great for kids, teenagers and adults. One big highlight is the Science Center. Kids interested in science can research and experiment to their hearts' content.

Fortresses, Castles & palaces

Fairy tale for the whole familiy vacation in Radstadt: The castles and palaces in the area take you to a wonderland far away from the daily grind. Adventure trails on fairy tale trails for little princes and princesses are ideal for a family time in Austria. Just trust your eyes and experience the magical places in Salzburger Land during your vacation.!

Ausflugsziel Erlebnisburg Hohenwerfen Salzburg Burgen Und Schloesser Betriebsfuehrung Guenter Standl 1
Salzburger Burgen & Schlösser Betriebsführung/Günter Standl
Hohenwerfen fortress

This 11th century fortress in Werfen was originally the seat of the archbishops and now takes visitors on a journey back in time. As well as the fortress tours, weaponry exhibition, a authentically fitted tavern and medieval shop, guest also marvel at the breath-taking falconry demonstrations staged by the old falconry institute - mostly featuring free-flying native birds of prey.

Ausflugsziel Burg Mauterndorf Salzburg Burgen Und Schloesser Betriebsfuehrung 1
Salzburg Burgen & Schlösser Betriebsführung
Mauterndorf castle

The Middle Ages come to life in the medieval castle at Mauterndorf, once a toll station and summer residence for Salzburg's prince-archbishops. Embark on your own special journey back to an age of monarchs and knights. For the kids there's the large chivalric playground in the courtyard of this castle in the Lungau region of Salzburg.

Salzburgerland Card Salzburgerland Tourismus 3
SalzburgerLand Tourismus
SalzburgerLand Card – Your holiday card

The card can be obtained for 6 or 12 days and is the perfect companion for people looking to see and do as much as possible on holiday. The SalzburgerLand Card includes around 190 attractions: cable cars, lakes and swimming pools, and activities out in the Salzburger Land countryside. Moreover, this card entitles the holder to a drive up the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße or for one day can be used as a 24-hour Salzburg Card. A card for numerous excursion destinations in the Salzburg region.