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Tips for hiking with your dog in Radstadt

Hiking holiday with your dog

There are a few things to consider to make your hiking holiday with your dog in Radstadt and the surrounding area really relaxing.


What should be considered when hiking with a dog?

  • Obtain information about the hiking tour, whether it is manageable for your dog.
  • Take enough water with you for your dog and take regular (drinking) breaks.
  • Avoid close contact with cows (especially mother cows with calves).
  • In the event of an incident involving cows or horses, take the dog off the leach and let it go. It is usually faster and takes itself to safety.
  • In every other event: keep your dog on the leash.
  • When staying in a hut overnight, you shouldn't forget to have enough food, some toys and a blanket. Please also clarify with the hut owner whether it is possible to spend a night there with a dog.
  • A small first aid kit for the dog never hurts.
Tourismusverband Radstadt/Hans Huber
Tourismusverband Radstadt/Hans Huber