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A great summer experience: Picnic & E-Bike Tour

Rent a picnic

Would you like to lie back on the grass with the sun on your face and savour lots of delicious treats? You can do exactly that with an opulent picnic in Radstadt! Stadtmarketing Radstadt has put together the perfect offer: You select your favourite picnic basket, fix it to your carrier frame and pedall off with your loved ones to any of the idyllic Radstadt picnic venues - and enjoy a wonderful day out in the fresh air and verdant countryside. As well as finding lots of delicious treats put in there by participating Stadtmarketing businesses, you'll also find everything you need for a marvellous feast in the great outdoors. The rent-a-picnic package is a fantastic surprise gift!

Everything you need for a perfect picnic day out in Radstadt

The Perfect Picnic package

  • Choose the perfect theme picnic basket for you from the sumptuous summit feast, the Mediterranean basket, the vegetarian selection or a bumper breakfast basket
  • We are also happy to put together baskets for special occasions, like birthdays, engagements etc.
  • Most of the delicious items are regionally sourced & seasonally available, and prepared by the kitchens of the participating Stadtmarketing businesses
  • Everything you need for your picnic: That includes plates, cutlery, glasses, blanket, bluetooth loudspeakers...
  • A map of the town featuring suggested places to visit and enjoy a picnic
  • E-bike (mountain or city bike) provided by Radstadt Tourismus
  • Please book at least 1 day in advance
  • For more details & bookings - contact Stadtmarketing Radstadt Tel. +43 650 6803578
  • Gift vouchers available at Radstadt Tourist Office
Radstadt Rent A Picknick Stadtmarketing Radstadt Lorenz Masser
Radstadt Rent A Picknick Stadtmarketing Radstadt Lorenz Masser
Radstadt Rent A Picknick Tourismusverband Radstadt
Radstadt Rent A Picknick Tourismusverband Radstadt