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On the trail of the “Benevolent Queen and her six noblemen”

Salzburg Summit Game

"Once upon a time there was a queen ..." - this is how the best-known fairy tales begin, which children and adults alike love to hear. The Salzburg Summit Game begins with these words, making hiking in the Salzburg Sportwelt a natural and playful experience. Hikers follow on the trail of the “Benevolent Queen and her six noblemen” - once a powerful ruler and her clever advisors. They have long since disappeared - petrified into mountains - and yet the striking peaks still remind us of these extraordinary personalities, their knowledge and their wisdom.

Salzburger Sportwelt/Michael Groessinger
Salzburger Sportwelt/Michael Groessinger
Salzburger Gipfelspiel Rossbrand Michael Groessinger 1
Salzburger Sportwelt/Michael Groessinger
Salzburger Sportwelt/Michael Groessinger
Salzburger Sportwelt/Michael Groessinger
Salzburger Gipfelspiel Rossbrand
Salzburger Sportwelt/Michael Groessinger
The Legend of the Benevolent Queen and her six noblemen

Once upon a time, a benevolent queen reigned here in this land: even today the distinctive shape of the Bischofsmütze mountain in Filzmoos is reminiscent of the monarch. Her main priority was to make the world a better place. All living things – humans, animals and plants – were personally protected by her and she ensured that happiness, satisfaction and prosperity prevailed in her kingdom. Nobody had to go hungry or suffer need: harmony, respect and humility were important to her as well as love, freedom and community spirit. As a clever and wise woman, she surrounded herself with six noblemen, whom she trusted wholeheartedly: those were her Watchman, her Bearer of Secrets, the Scout, the Poet, the Magician and her Healer. They advised the Queen in complicated matters and were just as intent on the well-being of her kingdom as she herself.


Even today, we can learn something from the Queen and her noblemen: by following their paths, listening to the whispering in the trees and taking note of their hidden messages. They were – as the story goes – turned to stone and transformed into seven summits: widely visible and characteristic of the landscape.

As a "scout", the Rossbrand invites you to watch the sky very closely

Rossbrand, the Scout

  • Valley resort: Radstadt
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours to the summit
  • Level of difficulty: medium
  • Refreshment stops: Bürgerbergalm, Radstädter Hütte, Berggasthof Rohrmoos
  • Scout's message: „Life is like the sky above us: never the same and constantly changing.“
  • In the ritual at the Rossbrand you learn to do nothing and just relax. The fun stone oracle can help you make important decisions.

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Hiking experience Salzburg Summit Game

The new Salzburg Summit Game invites you to individually hike seven selected summits in the Salzburg Sportwelt and to collect impressive experiences. You can purchase your personal “summit box” with important utensils such as a drinking cup, tour book and hiking map in the local tourist office: the tour book contains interesting information about all the summits and ideas for the route. But it also offers space for personal notes. On all peaks you will find a summit book in which you can leave an entry yourself. Small rituals invite you to connect with the strength and power of the peaks. Important: get the stamp for your tour book at the respective summit - for every stamp collected in the tour book you will receive a "collectible summit" for your "drinking cup with carabiner handle" and at the end a playful surprise awaits you as a gift.


How to play the "Salzburg Summit Game"
  • Let's go: Pick up your personal summit box from the Radstadt tourist office: It contains the basic equipment with a tour book, drinking cup with carabiner and hiking map. It costs € 19,- with guest card and € 25,- without guest card.
  • You can climb the peaks in any order. A stamp for your tour book is waiting for you on every summit.
  • For each stamp we give you a "collectible summit" for your drinking cup. Wear it on the outside of your backpack so that other summit players can recognize you.
  • In the summit books you will find interesting information about the respective mountain as well as a ritual. Let yourself be inspired!
  • Once you have climbed all seven mountains, a nice surprise is waiting for you. Pick them up at one of the tourist office. (Take your time - you don't have to hike all the mountains in one summer, of course.)
The 7 mountains of the Salzburg Summit Game

Filzmoos: Bischofsmütze, the Benevolent Queen

St. Johann in Salzburg: Hochgründeck, the Healer

Wagrain-Kleinarl: Penkkopf, the Magician

Flachau: Saukarfunktel, the Poet

Altenmarkt-Zauchensee: Lackenkogel, the Watchman

Radstadt: Rossbrand, the Scout

Eben: Gerzkopf, the Bearer of Secrets

Salzburger Gipfelspiel
Salzburger Gipfelspiel

Further information on the Salzburg Summit Game and detailed information on the 7 peaks can be found www.salzburgergipfelspiel.at.