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Festival for Music from the past & for new sounds

Paul Hofhaimer days

Paul Hofhaimer, a highly-renowned composer and organist of his age, was born in Radstadt, a fitting home for art and culture. In his honour, at the end of May every year, the town hosts the international Paul Hofhaimer Days. The festival for music of the past and for new music entertains crowds with magnificent concerts and listening experiences in very special venues. There are performances of large and well-known choral works, the compositions of young and talented composers, and readings accompanied by music in concert halls, at Schloss Höch manor, in churches, inns - even in a factory hall. The event guarantees an excellent events programme of the highest order featuring excellent artists and musicians.

38th Paul Hofhaimer Days

Wednesday 29th May - Sunday 02nd June 2024

Paul Hofhaimer Tage Kulturkreis Das Zentrum 4
Kulturkreis "Das Zentrum"
Paul Hofhaimer Tage Kulturkreis Das Zentrum 2
Kulturkreis "Das Zentrum"