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Culinary Radstadt

It's love at first bite! Pongau potato fry-up, crispy meat pasties, deer ragout, sweet pofesen, all kinds of boiled and fried dumplings. The choice of cuisine available in the inns and restaurants of Radstadt is as large as the range of leisure options in the town. Indulge yourself in a culinary tour of Radstadt and discover some typical Pongau dishes. Of course, you'll also find popular international dishes too. There are often special fish, game and lamb days - as can be seen on the menus.

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Dumplings, pasties & donuts – something for everyone

holiday treats for the taste buds

  • Numerous traditional inns, taverns & restaurants in Radstadt
  • Regional, Austrian & international cuisine
  • Wide variety of theme days & theme weeks
  • Special dishes prepared by the restaurants during farming autumn celebration period from the end of August to the end of October
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Local, freshly-made & typical pongau specialities

'Bauernherbst' & farming autumn Specialities

Autumn is harvest time - a time for culinary indulgence! Freshly-picked, regionally-farmed ingredients from local fields and woods are combined with carefully selected produce from Salzburg's farms to produce delicious treats crafted with lots of skill and love: Fish dishes, game specialities, fruity desserts and much more. From the end of August to the end of October, the Radstadt inns and restaurants participating in the autumn festival of farming ensure there are plenty of 'Bauernherbst' specialities to sample and savour.

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Enjoy Salzburg's pressed cheese dumpling soup, black pudding sausage fry-ups with Lungau 'Eachtling' potatoes, pan-fried 'woodcutter' wheat drops, curd cheese dumplings - all at the...



Bürgerbergstraße 18, A-5550 Radstadt
Tel. +43 664 5927440

Please check opening times and days off on the websites of the respective restaurants.

Sustainably & regionally sourced

Biohof Steinergut

Steinerweg 4

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 6452 6026

Official website


Products on sale:

Honey, fowl if pre-ordered

Biohof Zum Kaswurm

Farnwangweg 5

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 6452 4114 oder +43 664 1511486

Official website


Products on sale:

Bacon, sausage, variety of smoke-cured meats, herbal products, syrups & juices, home-produced cider, jams & marmalades, pasties, donuts & more.


Ennstaler Bundesstraße 1

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 6452 7102

Products on sale:

Organic hay-feed milk & organic egg vending machine


Forstauerstraße 43

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 6454 8365

Products on sale:

Various types of schnapps


Buchmaisweg 17

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 664 9768609

Official website


Products on sale:

Aubrac beef if pre-ordered by telephone


Premweg 3

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 6452 6543 oder +43 664 1318486



Products for sale:

Various types of schnapps, cheese, bread, beef on pre-order

Edelbrand-Destillerie Müller

Haagweg 7

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 664 2393433

Official website

Products on sale:

Various types of schnapps

When buying straight from the farm, please inquire/pre-order in advance (does not apply to milk and egg vending machines).

Shop am Mandlberggut

Mandlbergweg 4

A-5550 Radstadt

Tel. +43 6454 7660

Official website


Opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday: 10.00 – 18.00. Sunday: 09.00 – 15.30 


Products on sale:

  • Spirits, liquers, whisky, gin
  • Chocolate
  • Mountain pine products (essential oils, balsam, oil bubble baths,...)

Subject to changes in the opening times.

Weekly market on the upper town square in Radstadt

Opening times:

Every Friday: 07.00 - 12.00 (except public holidays and Christmas vacation)

Products on sale:

  • Meat, fish, cheese
  • Fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Honey, jams & marmelades
  • Spirits
  • Oils
  • All kinds of delicious local specialities
Cook it yourself: smoked beef dumplings

Pongau's cuisines offers plenty of wonderful treats. Dumpling fans will really love this special recipe for smoked beef dumplings. Add this item of Radstadt cuisine to your portfolio. Good luck and 'bon appetite'.

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