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The climax of the Radstadt 'Bauernherbst' harvest festival

Driving the cattle back into the valley

In the autumn, when the days get shorter and the nights colder, the farmers bring their cattle back down into the valley from the alpine pastures above. There has long been a colourful tradition of adorning the animals with flowers, twigs and ribbons to give thanks for their safety up on the mountains. And the safe arrival back in the farmyard is also marked by subsequent expansive festivities. In Radstadt, every two years the journey into the valley, Almabtrieb in German, is celebrated on a major scale. Watch the farmers guide their cattle down from the Tauernkarleiten-Alm pastures near Untertauern, and through the town centre of Radstadt to the Untersulzberghof farm. This is the venue of a large farmyard thanksgiving fest. Guests can try out the many regional specialities. There’s also traditional folk music, alpine whip-cracking and demonstrations of local craftsmanship, such as wood carving and pottery. A large play station from Spielwaren Oppeneiger and a bouncy castle await our younger guests.

Into the valley

Saturday, 14th September 2024

Programme & Info
  • Brightly decorated cows and calves are driven down into the valley from the Tauernkarleiten-Alm pastures to the Untersulzberghof farm – arriving in the centre of Radstadt at about 12.30 pm
  • After the journey down, the approximately 60 animals can be admired and photographed at the farmyard festivities
  • The cattle come down into the valley regardless of the weather conditions
  • Farmyard festivities begin at the Untersulzberghof farm at 11.00 am, and feature traditional folk music and local craftsmanship displays
  • Delicious food & drink is provided by the local farmers’ wives and daughters and this includes lots of tasty regional specialities.
  • Large play station from Spielwaren Oppeneiger, bouncy castle
  • Admission is free!
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Tourismusverband Radstadt/Lorenz Masser
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Tourismusverband Radstadt/Lorenz Masser